Professional Organizing 


Too many projects, not enough time? Need a bigger room / house / office? Never able to find what you need?


Whether it's having more time to devote to your business, taking back control of your time, needing more space  or just getting done the stuff you dislike doing the most, you could use the help of a Professional Organizer.


Working together we plan organizing systems designed to work with your individual needs and create easy to maintain, unique strategies that support you in achieving your goals. As Professional Organizers, we provide support and guidance for all your projects. Not only will you be more motivated to finish the task at hand, you will learn new lifestyle skills providing you with functional, peaceful environments for both working and living.

Now That’s NEAT!


Home Office Organization

Whether you run your business out of your home office or use your office to run your home, getting organized will ensure you are more productive and spend your time more efficiently. Depending on your needs, we'll work together to create organizing systems that work with your personal style so that you can easily maintain the new systems we put in place.


For example:

  • Organize paperwork

  • Set up easy-to-use filing systems

  • Create archive filing systems

  • Computerize paperwork

  • Develop an Action Management System (To Do)

  • Recognize and plan "Goals" to enable focus

  • Systemize contacts, files and follow up

  • Increase productivity with an organized environment

Space Organization

All of us desire a peaceful and restful home environment. For some people that very same space which should be calming and relaxing is a major source of stress and confusion. It is hard to relax and enjoy the company of those around you in a chaotic and messy living room just as it is almost impossible to be efficient and focused in a cluttered and disorganized office.

Space for Children

Providing a friendly and quiet area for children to get their homework done is critical to their school success. We work with you and your children to set up a specific area in your home that makes doing homework a pleasure. Working with both parents and children, bedrooms and playrooms are organized in such a way that the benefits achieved will last a lifetime.

Space for Storage

Storage areas, garages, closets and cupboards. By organizing and planning space layouts and introducing space-saving storage solutions we transform any space, in any room, into safe, organized and easy to use areas for storing the things that really matter to you.

Space for Working

Your office is the space you work in every day and not only needs to be free of clutter and functional but should also enhance creativity and increase productivity.


Space for Living

Your living space serves the needs of all your household members as well as providing a place to take it easy and spend time as a family. Together we will create easy to maintain, practical, relaxing surroundings that work for all members of the household.